Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stephen Marley - 9.22.07

During Stephen Marley’s show at the Ogden, I turned over to my friend and told him that when I blog about this show I’m just going to write “Stephen Marley …is the Man…Period”. That’s all. That’s all I need to say in order to get across how much I enjoyed his performance. BUT I figured those reading this would rather me elaborate…so here goes…
Marley’s high energy performance, along with the mixture of his new songs as well as his father’s old school tunes, really brought this show past the level of absolute perfection!
There were times during his set that I actually felt like I was watching Bob Marley himself perform. Stephen definitely resurrects his father’s spirit on stage with his energy, mannerisms, energy, voice, dancing, energy, connection with the crowd, and oh yeah, did I mention his energy? He really demands your attention with that luminous smile of his as he shakes around his dreadlocks while bouncing and dancing all over that stage.
Giving you goosebumps.
Making you think.
Love life!
The set list was filled with songs from his new album “Mind Control", which I believe was nominated for 7 or so grammys. He also mixed his set up with some good ol’ Bob Marley songs such as Duppy Conqueror, Jammin, Exodus, Could You Be Loved, No Woman No Cry, Iron Lion Zion, and Roots Rock Reggae. He did such an amazing job bringing these timeless classics to life. His father’s influence is definitely visible in his new songs, but they also have an element of his own, edgy, hip-hop, personality as well.
So if you’re into reggae, hip-hop, rock, and/or being moved by music spiritually, mentally, and physically…Stephen Marley IS THE MAN…

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