Monday, September 24, 2007

Biscuits Scene and Heard

Does anyone avoid going to shows because of the crowd that the band brings in? I wouldn’t say I avoid it, because I enjoy the music so much, but I can say at times, I certainly get fed up with it. It’s like there’s this hierarchy of coolness, and everyone is crawling all over each other to reach the top. For those of you who know me, you know that I’m talking about The Disco Biscuits scene. The dirty, raunchy, slop fest of a scene that when I leave a show I feel like I need to take 10 showers, get some sterilization shots, and put on the Jerry Garcia Band to bring me back to reality. How is it that a band of such talented musicians can attract this following of people with a “holier than thou” attitude, who many times are there for reasons other than the music? Where is the love in this scene? It seems to be an “everyone out for themselves” type of environment, rather than that of a family, where everyone is looking out for one another. I know…I know… not everyone is this way, but I’d have to say, it’s a pretty decent majority. And the Biscuits music, to me is revolutionary. They’ve brought electronic jam bands to a whole new level and opened the door for a future generation of upcoming electronic bands. God, I love this band! So much so that I can’t even handle looking at a set list for a show that I wasn’t able to go to… it just hurts too much to see what I missed! A lot of kids at these shows however don’t appreciate the music as much as it could be appreciated. They are way too busy putting on a facade…walking around like they own the place, trying raise their status, showing off their money, trying to make money, or missing the music completely because they’ve spend the entire time outside the venue, most likely getting kicked out for being too out of hand. Sometimes I have to laugh at the ridiculousness of immaturity in this scene, and other times it’s a real annoyance because I can’t relate to, or even understand why kids that follow this band act the way they do. Are they being true to themselves? Or are they just trying to fit in with everybody else? Is it all a game in order to gain respect from their fellow peers? Whatever it is, I’m glad I never adapted to this scene's style and attitude. By the way, this “scene” that I’ve been referring to exists heavily on the east coast. Word on the street is that here in Colorado, and on the west coast, the fan base is very different…more laid back, more diverse, more real, and more passionate about the music than other things. So I guess I am just going to have to wait until the Biscuits come back to Colorado so I can get a taste of it first hand and see for myself. Either that or I can just accept it for what it is, and conform into this subculture so I too can fit in with everyone else. In all honesty though, I would look absolutely absurd with a huge, sideways, flat rimmed hat that’s way too big for my head, black skater sneakers that are way to big for my feet, an LRG hoodie that’s way too big for my un-showered body, and a “too cool” attitude to match. I’m all set with that. I’m only here for the amazing music that is the Disco Biscuits…and more specifically to watch Marc Brownstein fiercely bop his head to those low, intensely crunchy bass lines that he drops. So Sick.


Aaroneous said...

I'm the same way with Dave Matthews Band. One of the most talented groups of musicians of the last few decades, and I can't enjoy them live because I can't stomach their Trustafarian following. If I see another teenager tailgating in a Range Rover I'm going to go postal. Waaaaah daddy bought me a B'mer and now it smells like BEER. Can I get another one, daddy? There's a Dave show next week and I need to be READY!!!

A>B said...

This is so freaking true.