Monday, September 17, 2007

New to Colorado, Broke, and LOVING the MUSIC

After living in Burlington, Vermont for the last 5 years, the town felt like it was getting smaller and smaller. I began to recognize every face that walked by me and I somehow got stuck in the same routine everyday. I went to the same bar every night, the same breakfast spot every morning, ran into the same people, the same EVERYTHING. I just got too comfortable in my environment and soon I realized it was time for me to move on. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Burlington more than anything, but as amazing as it is, and as incredible is its music scene is, I wanted something new. I wanted to challenge myself. I’m only 23 so I figured, why not? Plus, I could NOT handle another dark, -10 degree Vermont winter. My family thought I had lost my mind… to just move across the country without a job, or very much money, but, it had to be done. I really had to leave the east coast. I knew it in my heart that I was in need of a new adventure. I needed to learn, grow, experience, meet new people, travel… LIVE. So I packed my bags, said my goodbyes to my friends and family (which was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do) and off I went… knowing that everything was going to work out, it always does! (at least that’s what I was telling myself!)

Destination: Boulder, Colorado!

My first day was typical, you know… I got to my new apartment, put my bags down, and went straight to Red Rocks for two nights of a mind blowing Sound Tribe Sector Nine! I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was! I basically had my back away from the stage the entire time staring at the rocks and the stars, and in complete denial that I actually live here now. With the music flowing through my veins, and the refreshing drops of rain cooling me down, I closed my eyes, and took it all in. I knew from that moment on, that I made the right decision to move here. It just feels so right.

The following weekend, it was off to Denver for a night of Conspirator at Cervantes, and the next night, Conspirator in Boulder at the Fox. Marc Brownstein and Aaron Magner were the only two up on stage since DJ. Omen I guess is no longer part of Conspirator. But no offense DJ Omen- I didn’t really miss you. All it took was Brownstein and Magner and that place was out of control with the best Conspirator show I have seen to this day. I couldn’t even handle it! I mean...Seriously?...Is this how every weekend is going to be here? Just straight up unbelievably talented musicians playing their hearts out with a high energy crowd sweating through their clothes and thrusting their bodies all over the place? Well… I guess that IS how it’s going to be, since next weekend it’s Stephen Marley at the Ogden in Denver, and the following weekend it’s The Man himself, Phil Lesh, playing a night at the Philmore, followed by a night of 3 sets at Red Rocks!

So to sum it all up I’m going to use the Colorado lingo I’ve been hearing non stop for the past 2 weeks: The bands I’ve seen so far completely threw down and shredded…and the music scene here totally dominates and rages ridiculously and outrageously hard!

In all seriousness though, I may be jobless, broke, and living off of Annie’s Mac and Cheese, but at this moment I couldn’t care less, because the energy and music in my new home of COLORADO is what’s keeping me feeling alive!!

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Shannon said...

You are amazing and I am so glad I moved out here with you! Things can only get better for you out here. no worries babe. you will dominate the graphic design scene!

<3 banana pants!