Sunday, September 30, 2007

iPod Nano and iPhone...booo

As much as I love my ipod nano, it’s not as reliable and useful as I’d like it to be. I got it as a gift, but I was hoping for an ipod that would hold all of my music so I could back it all up. The nano, being only 2 gigs, doesn’t hold even half of my music. (Maybe that’s because I listen to bands who jam out songs for over 20 minutes). But now apple is coming out with a new ipod nano that allows you to watch movies. Why would anyone want to fill up the little amount of space on their nano in order to watch a movie on a tiny one-inch screen? It’s just so pointless. I understand that you can hook your ipod up to a TV and watch it on there, but a lot of people don’t know that’s possible, or, they don’t know how to set it up. Not everyone is on point with technology. Also, the ipod was created as a way to listen to music, so why keep adding on more unnecessary programs to it? I don’t need to play solitaire on my nano, or watch movies, all I want is to be able to listen to my music…and if Apple is going to work on improving the ipod, instead of adding more to it, like the ability to now watch movies, they should focus on improving what it already has, and work out the kinks that may exist right now. For example, I’ve had my ipod for a year and I’ve already had to take it to the apple store twice because it randomly wouldn’t turn on, for mysterious reasons. So I don’t need to watch movies on this miniature screen, and I don’t need to play games on it, I just want my ipod to play music, and not break. Is that too much to ask?

Which brings me to the new iPHONE, where now it’s more than just a phone; it’s your entire life compacted into this tiny gadget. You can use it, not only as a phone, but also as an mp3 player, computer, organizer, calendar, blah blah blah… I know it’s convenient to have all these things in one, but how lazy are we? And how many people actually use ALL of these capabilities? I personally would feel uncomfortable relying on this one device for everything. What happens if I lose it? Then, I didn’t just lose my phone; I also lost everything else I use it for! Which would then leave me feeing helpless, followed by a probable panic attack!

I know this is all just a way to try to make life easier, but for some people, it seems to make things more complicated. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I just need a cell phone to get me in touch with people, (and the camera phone is useful at times too I’ll admit) and I just want my ipod to play music. Are all of these other accessories really necessary?


amy said...

my ipod would do that strange awful thing where it wouldn't turn on too! grrrr...i'm with you--i just want it to work consistently!

Gabriel said...

I agree with the panic attack theory.
As someone prone to losing things, I would definitely rather have a separate phone, music player, and camera... much harder to lose all three at once, haha!