Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mason Jennings: Boneclouds (I love you)

You know when you first listen to an album and then…it happens… you’re addicted? You can’t help but listen to it on repeat all day because it expresses everything you’ve been thinking and feeling at that moment? When the lyrics relate to your life to the point where you feel like that artist actually knows you, and that you were their inspiration for their writing? Well, this is how I feel about Mason Jennings. Especially his most recent album: Boneclouds. I think that if it was any other time in my life, of course I would still love the album, but I wouldn’t be as affected and moved by it as I am now. It’s almost like certain albums seem to find you when you need them and can relate to them most. Isn’t it strange how that happens?

If you’re not familiar with Mason Jennings, he is a singer/songwriter with an acoustic/folk style of playing. His unique voice, sound, and heartrending lyrics are both reminiscent of John Lennon and Bob Dylan. This album is just so brilliant, it gives me the urge to call up every person I know just to tell them they HAVE to buy this album, or they’re missing out!

Whenever I listen to Boneclouds it makes me smile when I’m not feeling my best, or sometimes, makes me cry… either way it’s a beautiful thing. It helps encourage me when I paint- it gets me in “the zone” and calms me, inspires me and allows my mind to go off and explore. It is great to listen to when doing yoga, meditating, driving in your car, enjoying a beautiful day, enjoying a rainy day… basically it makes whatever you are doing even more pleasurable.

I just remembered that last year, I first heard someone mention to me that I should listen to Mason Jennings. I said “yeah yeah, I think I’ve heard that name before, I’ll check him out.” But, I forgot, and never did listen to him until recently. I didn’t have to go out of my way to listen to him just because somebody told me to, he just happened to find me at the moment when I needed him most.

So as much as I want to tell everybody to listen to this album… don’t do it because I told you to… just remember his name and he’ll find you at the right time.

Here's a video of him live playing the song "Crown" (It's not on Boneclouds, but it's the only song I could find of him playing live with okay sounding audio). And I love this song too!

OH! And also, here are some lyrics from my favorite song from the album..


Be here now.
No other place to be.
Just sit there dreaming,
Of how life will be
If we were somewhere better,
Somewhere far,
Away from all out worries,
Well here we are.

Be here now.
No other place to be.
All the doubts that linger,
Just set them free.
And let good things happen,
And let the future come,
Into each moment,
Like a rising sun.

The sun comes up…and we start again.
It’s all new today.
All we have to say is,
Be here now.

Be here now,
No other place to be.
This whole world keeps changing,
Come change with me.
Everything that’s happened,
All that’s yet to come,
Is here inside this moment,
It’s the only one.

The sun comes up and we start again.
The sun comes up and we start again.
It’s all new today.
All we have to say is...
Be Here Now.

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Andrew said...

Dylan has always been my favorite songwriter and for some reason I've always had a thing for his voice. It's so unique and hits me a certain way. I liked the sound of Jennings voice, it has a similar effect. I'm goin' to check his stuff out and see what I think. You got me interested, Thanks